Snapchat Geofilters: The Simple Facts


Something isn’t quite correct about the new Snapchat update. In order to use filters on your images, at this point you need to hand over your place information.

In the newest release of the Snapchat program for both iOS and Android, these messages will seem you attempt to turn filters to “On” while Location Services are off.

If you try to use a filter by swiping right on the Snapshot you’ve only taken, nothing will occur. You either enable Snapchat permission to obtain your location, or you don’t get to use any of their filters. This sneaky permission comes directly from the My Weather Channel filter, which adds your local temperature to your Snapshot. Yet, none of the other filters are accessible without turning the place service on.

This is an all or nothing attitude that Snapchat has not executed before. Before, users could choose to have “Smart Filters” or “Visual Filters”. Smart Filters contained the temperature program, which clearly needs the ability to know where you are, whereas Visual Filters didn’t.

This new update appears to be going against the very notion of anonymity that Snapchat was built on. The new update forces location info to be shared for optimum user experience, created a very easy to screenshot messaging display, and no longer lets the user to clear their feed automatically. If you would like to know about Custom Snapchat Geofilters, visit this web page. Hopefully, Snapchat is using location services only for the filters, rather than planning to turn a profit on their users info.

We reached out to Snapchat for opinion, and will upgrade this story if and when we get a answer.