Scent Diffusers – Some Suggestions


In regards to home fragrances reed diffusers are the new kid on the block, so to talk. Traditional favourites for example scented candles, oil evaporators and incense sticks, so beloved of the Sixties counterculture, have their fans, but for lots of individuals the new number one choice in home fragrances will be the diffuser.

Reed diffusers are a great way of adding subtle, continuous scent to your home – or indeed your work environment. Alternatively, fragrance is an extremely personal thing – just think how attached a lot of people get to a particular perfume or cologne – so you’ll find no real hard and fast rules about which fragrances work best through which areas of the home.

You could want to employ a “gourmet” fragrance within the kitchen, so scents such as vanilla, cinnamon and orange tend to work well there. Invigorating scents like lemongrass, citrus and ginger are perfect for living places, or perhaps the reception or hallway, since they are so fresh, welcoming and uplifting. In the office or work environment you might be tempted to plump for cool, sophisticated fragrances, such as those which recall sea breezes or perhaps the marine environment.

One of the main reasons for choosing reed diffusers over other kinds of home fragrance, such as scented candles, is that also they can fill your house or office with subtle, delicate and continuous fragrance, without ever being overpowering. Depending on the type you choose, scented candles will last for everything from a couple of hours to a bumper 3 hundred hours, while freshly cut flowers will give your home localised fragrance for a number of days – a week perhaps – but a superior quality fragrance diffuser will last for many months. And once your diffuser has been setup there’s virtually nothing to be done – no candles to be lit or wick to be trimmed – just flip the reeds every so often and let it get on with filling your home with delightful fragrance. It’s among the reasons why people sometimes choose to combine reed diffusers with scented candles once they are looking to produce a fragrance “boost” for the home. You may use your diffuser all year long and light a scented candle when you need an uplift in fragrance. Read more thorough information regarding ??best diffuser scents here.

Because of this, what should we be searching for on the subject of choosing reed diffusers?

The first thing most people consider is how the diffuser looks and the way well (or otherwise) it shall blend in with the decor within their home. Certainly, manufacturers of reed diffusers and home fragrances in general now devote a substantial quantity of time and effort to the design and packaging of their products due to this very reason. On the other hand, aesthetics aside, in terms of picking your diffuser you will find a number of pointers worth remembering to help you make an educated decision. Try and pick a diffuser which has a high percentage of fragrance or essential oils and at the exact same time correspondingly low levels of alcohol. On no account should there be any water in the fragrant liquid. Do not be tempted to go for an inexpensive product which contains alcohol and water since this will simply prove to be a false economy. A diffuser which contains high levels of water and/or alcohol will evaporate quickly, so your reed diffuser will not last very long, and what scent it does provide will be weak and will not be distributed well throughout your living space. One simple tip which may be worth bearing in mind is in order to avoid diffusers that will be strongly coloured, as this tends to indicate that the product has high levels of water and alcohol. This should be distinguished from those fragrant oils which may change colour, becoming darker, once they have been opened and also the oil has been exposed to the air. This is a perfectly normal occurrence and will not within any way affect adversely the way your diffuser works.